Dogs and cats protected in spring? Tick

by admin on 18/09/2019

Searching your pet every day for ticks is the optimal way of preventing tick paralysis.Ticks may be small, but they can be deadly. Making sure you protect your pet from these pests is imperative, especially at this time of year, when ticks are actively prowling to find a host.
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There are many types of ticks, and several of them have the potential to cause illness in cats and dogs, with paralysis ticks being the most dangerous of them all. These little critters attach themselves to your dog or cat, bury under their skin, and inject a deadly poison into your pet’s body while they feast on their blood. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to help your beloved pooch or kitty stay safe this tick season.

Firstly, if you are in an area with ticks, use tick control products to provide one line of defence. There are many such products on the market, so it’s best to talk to your vet or pet product retailer to find the right one for your pet. Don’t be tempted to use your dog’s tick control on your cat, though, as these can be highly toxic to cats.

Avoiding walking in tick habitats such as bushland and scrub, as well as keeping your lawn short and removing compost material, will help reduce exposure to ticks.

Most importantly, searching your pet every day for ticks is the optimal way of preventing tick paralysis.

No doubt your dog or cat will love the attention and a good rub, so this should be enjoyable for them, too! When searching your pet for ticks, look for a small, round or flat shape sticking out of your pet’s skin – they might look a bit like a skin tag. These creatures especially like to dig in behind ears or on the face and neck, so pay extra attention to these areas.

Remove your pet’s collar and run your fingers through your pet’s fur, including under the legs, between the toes and in folds of skin, feeling for any lumps or inconsistencies. Paralysis ticks, when engorged with blood, have a blueish to light-grey/grey colour. You can easily search for an image of the paralysis tick online, to see exactly what to look for.

If you find a tick on your pet, remove it immediately and keep your pet calm and quiet. When removing a tick, it’s best to wear disposable gloves and remove it by its head at the point of insertion into the skin (don’t squeeze the body) because if its mouth parts are left in, they are likely to cause a local infection.

A tick remover is a handy tool to have on hand – it lifts the tick out easily. Use antiseptic to clean the area after removal, and place the tick in a zip-lock bag to show your vet. Remember to continue to search for more ticks as your pet may have more than one.

If your pet has been bitten by a paralysis tick, don’t offer food or water or give anything orally as they cannot protect their airway when they swallow (as a result of the toxin). Take them straight to the vet as a matter of emergency – tick paralysis is a life-threatening condition, and every minute can count.

Even if you can’t find a tick on your pet, there are certain symptoms to look for that give an indication that your pet might be suffering from tick paralysis. These symptoms include:

weakness or loss of coordination in the back legs or not being able to stand; a change in the sound of their bark or voice;retching, coughing or vomiting; excessive drooling; loss of appetite; and difficulty breathing. If your pet displays any of these symptoms, rush them to the vet immediately.

The best line of defence against all types of ticks is prevention. Being tick-aware and proactive is the best way to protect your beloved pet from suffering the effects and potential lethal consequences of tick paralysis this season.

RSPCA , an independent, non-government community-based charity providing animal care and protection services. It relies ondonationsfrom the public to carry out its work.

Newcastle rugby: Captain goes headlong into battle for Greens

by admin on 18/09/2019

HEAVY TRAFFIC: Merewether fullback Jay Strachan takes on the Maitland defence at Townson Oval. Picture: Stewart HazellMICK Gill joked that Merewether captain Jay Strachan must have a magnet on his head.
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The inspirationalfullback was onthe endof a high shotin the Greens’ 36-28 loss to Hamilton in the major semi-final–one of several this season.

In the tackle for which Hamilton winger Fiso Vasegote was cited and found not guilty, Strachan ran another 10metres to score.The judiciary ruled thatinitial contact was on the ball and slipped up.

“It’s the way he runs,”Merewether co-coach Gill said.“I have never seen a bloke cop as many high tackles.It is his balance and ability to wrong foot people. They think they have him in the tackle zone and he wrong foots them at the end. He keeps balance in contact and is still able to maintain speed.He copped a high shot on the weekend and ran another 10metres to score. He has that explosive power.”

Gill stopped short of suggesting that Strachan needed extra protection ahead of the preliminary final against Maitland at No.2 Sportsground on Saturday.

“We always get penalties for the high tackles on him,” Gill said. “Whether the tackles warrant more is up tothe refereeto judge on the day.That’s footy. The referee will call it how he sees it.”

Newcastle rugby: Captain goes headlong into battle for Greens TweetFacebook Jay StrachanPictures: Stewart HazellBut there is nodoubting the skipper’s importance tothe Greens, highlighted by his two tries against the Hawks.

“He leads by his actions,” Gill said. “If we need a tough carry he always puts his hand up.He gets you on the front foot. For a fullback that’s unique.”

Strachan, who has been managing a knee-issue all season, was a member of the Greens side which went through undefeated in 2011 but was in the US the following season andmissed the46-0 thrashing to Hamilton in the decider.

“He hasn’t played in a grand final for seven years and knows the importance of the position we are in,” Gill said.

“He can probably see the end of his career more than he has in past years. He is definitely not taking anything for granted.”

Merewether have made one change from the loss to Hamilton. Joe Crawford comes in on the wing for Ed Clifton.

“Crawf injured his knee against Maitland out at Marcellin Park (round 14) and returned in reserve grade last week,” Gill said. “He got through 60 minutes and the knee was good. He was playing good rugby before the injury so we bought him straight in.Eddie has been great and will have a role off the bench.He can play wing, halfback andfullback and is very good on the counter attack.Crawf is bigger and fasterand gives us a bit more.”

The Greens came from 15-7 down against Maitland in the qualifying final to win 31-29. They also fell behind early against Hamilton. Though proud of the way the Greens’fought, Gill said it was not the script for Saturday.

“It’s good to be able to withstand that pressure, but you also have to apply it and keep kicking on,” he said. “We have to look at getting on the front foot and holding it for longer periods. We have spoken to Eli and Brighty about playing smarter. It falls on their shoulders as the halves. We have been playing dumb in some areas of the field.”

New charges delay ex-Qld mayor’s trial

by admin on 18/09/2019

A trial for “unwell” suspended Ipswich mayor Andrew Antoniolli has been delayed after initial fraud charges were dismissed and replaced by 14 new ones.
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Antoniolli was charged by the corruption watchdog with seven counts of fraud relating to allegations he used ratepayer funds to obtain charity auction items in May.

Those charges have been dismissed and replaced with the new charges relating to similar allegations after prosecutors reconsidered their brief.

His trial – set down for six days from September 17 in Ipswich Magistrates Court – has been pushed back until at least next month.

The lawyer for Antoniolli, who appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday, called for the trial to proceed as scheduled to allow the 47-year-old to clear his name.

“My client has obviously suffered enormous reputational damage as a result of these allegations,” his solicitor Dan Rogers told the court.

“He is unwell.

“He has a right to have his matters heard expeditiously.”

Mr Rogers said 10 witnesses in Antoniolli’s favour were “ready to go”.

But magistrate Anthony Gett, who will oversee Antoniolli’s trial, ruled the prosecution should be given more time.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. Courts are loath to grant unnecessary adjournments,” Mr Gett said.

“(But) in my view, the nature of the case and the way (the prosecution) has indicated fresh material may be forthcoming … I do find the adjournment should be granted.”

Antoniolli did not comment on his way out of Brisbane Magistrates Court, where his matter will next be heard on October 26 when a new trial date could be set.

He remains on the same bail conditions as previously, meaning he cannot attend the Ipswich City Council building or contact councillors, who were sacked by Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe.

Antoniolli is fighting charges brought by Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission which claims he used council funds “for his own use to purchase auction items from charitable organisations” between October 2011 and June 2017.

Antoniolli has also been accused of breaching his bail conditions.

He’s the second Ipswich mayor in less than a year to be charged with criminal offences.

His predecessor Paul Pisasale, who resigned last June, is facing allegations including corruption and misconduct.

Pisasale’s matter was also heard in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday. It was adjourned to October 5.

A total of 15 councillors and staff have been charged with corruption and fraud offences, prompting Mr Hinchliffe to dismiss Ipswich council last month.

Tradies tuck in at Build for a Cure thank you BBQ as the house construction work finishes up

by admin on 18/09/2019

DONE: Kai Bennett, Mark Burrows and Craig McWilliams from Steel City Painting at the Build for a Cure on Friday. The trio were part of the 100-plus tradies who volunteered.Final alterations are being made to the Build for a Cure house at Medowie with the majority of construction work now completed.
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Built at The Bower estate by McDonald Jones Homes on land donated by the McCloy Group, the housewill be sold at auction next month to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute.

More than 100 tradiesvolunteeredon the projectover the past few weeksand they were rewarded with a celebratory BBQ on Friday.


No child should have to go through cancerBuild for a Cure house construction starts at MedowieBuild for a Cure house to go up in just 21 daysThey tradies werefueled each day with foodpreparedby members of the Kurri Kurri, Williamtown, East Maitland and Raymond Terrace Rotary Clubs who were operating an on-site kitchen.

For painter Daniel Hudson, the chance to be involved for a second year was one he could not pass up.

“It’s a good feeling to be involved, you know when its sold the money’s going towards kids,” he said.“I’ve got two kids and I know how I’d feel if one of my kids ended up with a [cancer] problem.”

Mr Hudson and his father spent five days working on the house, which will be auctioned on October 21.

Build for a Cure partnersMcCloy Group – Donating the land in The ‘Bower’ estateMcDonald Jones Home – Donating the build of the houseAustral Bricks – Donating the bricks for the build and founding partnerFreedom Furniture – Donating all the furniture and styling the interior of the houseWinning Appliances/Fisher & Paykel – Donating all of the appliancesPRDNationwide – Selling the house, no fees, marketing costs or commissionCooley Auctions – Damien Cooley from The Block will auction the houseKurri Rotary Club – They stay on site and ensure all of the tradies donating their time are well fed and hydratedJohn Hunter Children’s Hospital – collaboration with CCI and ZCC

Newcastle’s first light rail vehicle is due to arrive via cargo ship in the city’s harbour on Saturday

by admin on 18/09/2019

JOURNEY: The first of Newcastle’s light rail vehicles being loaded onto the ship in Spain. It couldbe the longest journey the Newcastlelight rail vehicles will ever take –Spain to via thePanama Canal.
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The city’s first light rail vehicle will arrive in the Port of Newcastle aboard the Norwegian-flagged cargo ship Hoegh Jeddah on Saturday afternoon.

The ‘Urbos 100’model tram was rolled aboard the specialistship at Spain’sPort of Santander in July.

The intercontinental journey across the North Atlantic and South Pacific Oceans has taken the tram –aboard the ship – more than 12000 nautical miles.

Stops were made in Auckland, Melbourne and Port Kembla, where the ship left on Friday afternoon.

It will dock at the West Basin 4 berth at Carrington.

The Newcastle Herald understandsthe ship will be unloaded on Saturdayand the first tram transported to the Wickham stabling yard early next week.

The Newcastle trams are produced by CAF as an option under the Sydney Inner West light rail contract.

The ‘Urbos 100’ model can carry a maximum capacity of 270 persons. It is 33m long and weighs 45 tonnes when empty.

The trams, which feature a low floor designto enhanceaccessibility, will be the first in NSW with surfboard racks.

Each tram carries an on-board energy source which is charged by an overhead bar at each stop.A regenerative braking system will also allow for energy to be transferred back to the tram’sonboard storage system.


Newcastle’s first light rail vehicle leaves SpainHunter Street reopening to traffic after Newcastle light rail constructionTopics: First tram on the way, Robbo’s maiden speech, researchers find ‘civilisation’The trams are expected to be tested on the city’swire-free light rail system from next month. Work on the line is nearing completion.

Operation of the Newcastle light rail system will then begin in early 2019.

Fares will start at $2.20 for adults, $1.10 for children and $1.10 for concession passengers using Opal cards.

Cash tickets will be slightly more expensive, while passengers changing onto light rail from a bus or train will be charged another20 cents to use the light rail.

It is expected the Newcastle light rail will run every 7.5 minutes in peak time.